About Innovia

The Innovia® Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser provides a simple and convenient way to get paper towels. It works with Brawny® and Sparkle® paper towels, as well as most brands and roll sizes, which can easily be loaded into the paper towel holder with just one hand. And there aren’t any sharp blades, reducing the risk of injury.

Operation is easy: just wave your hand in front of the motion sensor and it will dispense the amount of paper towels you request. If you want more, leave your hand there. If you don’t use it all, it will automatically retract any remaining towels. This reduces waste by giving you only the amount that you want while the hands-free operation helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

 The under-cabinet design quickly and easily installs in minutes using the included installation hardware. It works great in any room: kitchen, laundry room, workshop, garage, or anywhere you need hands-free access to paper towels. Also available in a countertop version.