Countertop FAQ

Countertop Dispenser Questions


Why doesn't the dispenser dispense paper towels after I've inserted the roll and closed the door?

Rule number one is to always leave some paper towel hanging out when closing the door of the dispenser. That’s because once the door is closed, the internal sensor looks for the sheet of paper towel that should be hanging out. If it’s not there, the sensor thinks the dispenser is empty. See the operation video in the Media section for a quick overview of how to use the dispenser.  Then, make sure that the door is completely closed, and that your unit is on a hard, flat surface, or the unit will not dispense any towels.

What is the clip on the front of the dispenser?

The clip is there to hold the bit of paper towel that you must leave out before closing the door of the dispenser.  This clip holds that bit of paper towel in place and prevents it from sagging when you close the door, which would likely lead to jamming.  

What are the dimensions of the Upright Portable unit?

The dimensions are as follows: 8 inches wide x 10.5 inches deep x 14 inches high. You can see a diagram of the dimensions in the product manual in the Support section.