Innovia Undercabinet Paper Towel Dispenser

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  • Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser provides a simple and convenient way to dispense paper towels. It's the ultimate kitchen convenience and a must-have kitchen gadget.
  • Hands-free operation means less risk of cross contamination. Just wave your hand in front of the sensor and it will dispense a paper towel. Unused sheets automatically retract back into the dispenser.
  • Undercabinet design frees up valuable kitchen counter space
  • Quickly and easily installs in minutes using the included installation hardware
  • Perfect with Brawny® Tear-A-Square® and Sparkle® Pick-A-Size Paper Towels, or your choice of paper towels
  • Powered by included AC adapter or 4 D-Cell batteries (batteries sold separately)
  • Sleek design to complement your kitchen décor
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Also includes a one-year limited warranty 
  • Free Shipping in 3 to 5 business days

27 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Iris N. on Sep 2nd 2019

    Love this item. Our first one stopped working after years of use. We liked it so much we immediately purchased another one. It is well built and so convenient to use. No more cluttering up the counter with a upright paper towel holder and no more tearing off paper towels with dirty hands.
    Highly recommend this dispenser!

  • 5
    Paper towel

    Posted by Jose rojas on Jul 5th 2019

    It’s not completely stainless like I would like it to be but it works great and looks clean .i would recommend

  • 5
    Paper towel dispenser

    Posted by Elizabeth Cleaver on Jun 12th 2019

    I love this! Just wave my hand and the paper towel appears. I now have 2 dispensers❤️

  • 3
    Under cabinet paper towel dispenser

    Posted by Rick Stover on May 29th 2019

    This is my 2nd one. The first one lastest about 3 years and I loved it so I ordered a 2nd one. I ordered the black which was like my first one. They sent me a stainless one. It does not look as good as the black one. I called innovia. To get it exchanged. WORST I have ever has from any company I have dealt with. The first guy. Was rather rude. After he took some information he put me on hold I was on hold for a couple of minutes then he hung on me I called back again. Spoke with a 2nd person he checked to see the case notes from the first guy there were none. Had to go through everything again. Said had to send me a return slip and when I receive it i am to send my unit back then they will send out the replacement. I said can’t you send me the replacement now. He said no. We don’t do that. I said why he must be new but he actually said we don’t know if you will send the first back. I said you have got to be kidding. I said you have my credit card on file. He still would not do it. He said he would send the return slip by email. I still have not received it. When this one breaks I will never get a replacement because of the poor customer service.

  • 5
    Paper towel dispenser

    Posted by Gail on May 28th 2019

    This dispenser is a gift so it hasn't been hung yet. But if the fact that I have two dispensers in my kitchen tells you anything, than you must know I like them. These towel dispensers take using paper towels to a whole new level. I just love them!

  • 5
    under cabinet dispenser

    Posted by Lloyd Tarter on May 15th 2019

    This is the best paper towel dispenser you will find anywhere. No touching the roll, just wave your hand and the towel appears.

  • 5
    So easy, works great!

    Posted by Cristy on May 9th 2019

    I LOVE this paper towel dispenser. It keeps things off my counter, it's super easy to load and no programming is necessary - even if you change the type of paper towels you use. Open the unit, place your paper towel roll inside, and close. The machine will automatically retract any paper towel left hanging out. Hold you hand in front of the "window" to signal it to dispense, tear off ONE paper towel and then the machine automatically retracts anything left hanging out. That's it. Every time you open the door, it is basically thinking you are adding a new roll, so you have to train it again. This ONLY happens when you open the door though. If you want more than one paper towel, just hold you hand in front of the window until the X number of towels you ant comes out. SUPER EASY!!!!!!1

  • 5
    Towel Despenser

    Posted by Lydia Lee on May 1st 2019

    Had mine for 2 years. My mom kept ranting and raving about it so got her one for mother's day She will be surprised Quality is great, love, love mine

  • 5
    Paper towel dispenser

    Posted by Deana on Apr 26th 2019

    Love this paper towel dispenser, hands free, and saves counter space.

  • 2
    Not working properly

    Posted by Gerald V Powell on Apr 20th 2019

    Product does not work with my hand in front of it. I have to have the lights completely off for it to work.

  • 5
    Under cabinet paper towel dispenser

    Posted by Barbara Scott on Apr 9th 2019

    We owned one previously for 5 years and are a bit disappointed that it didn't last longer. I love the convenience of it because I bake a lot so we've purchased another one. This one is quite a bit quieter than the last one which I'm very pleased about. I just hope that it lasts longer.

  • 5
    Paper towel dispenser

    Posted by Charlotte Perry on Apr 5th 2019

    This is my 2nd one of these
    First one worked fine after 5 years but was damaged when we moved.
    I tried to live without it, but had to get a new one.
    I bake and both my hands get messy. This dispenser allows me to get the towels I need without making a bigger mess. Looks nice to. Love it!!

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