General Questions


Why doesn't the dispenser dispense paper towels after I've inserted the roll and closed the door?

Rule number one is to always leave some paper towel hanging out when closing the door of the dispenser. That’s because once the door is closed, the internal sensor looks for the sheet of paper towel that should be hanging out. If it’s not there, the sensor thinks the dispenser is empty. See the operation video in the Media section for a quick overview of how to use the dispenser.

Spoiler alert: It’s easy.

Why won't the dispenser give me more than one towel at a time?

It’s still in “training mode”. “Training mode” occurs when you first close the door of the dispenser after installing a roll of paper towels. The dispenser retracts the paper towel you left hanging out, and when you place your hand in front of the sensor it will dispense a length longer than a full sheet paper towel. This is “training mode”. It is at this point you “teach” the dispenser what length to always dispense. Tear off the towel at the perforation of your desired length. The dispenser measures what it retracts after you take the towel and “knows” from that point forward to give you paper towels in that size increment. See the operation video in the Media section.

What paper towels can be used with the dispenser?

That’s easy: any standard paper towels that have perforated lengths of any size. In other words, any paper towels you can buy in the grocery store or supermarket should work just fine (see the question below for the one exception). Please do keep in mind that exorbitantly large rolls may not fit at first. A good rule of thumb is if the roll is so big it looks silly, then it probably won’t fit.

Why aren't my Viva® paper towels working in the dispenser?

Ah, Viva®. We do love your cottony softness but it’s the way your sheets cling to the roll that’s not working with the dispenser. To see what we mean, take a roll of Viva® and start unwrapping the roll. See? The sheets sort of cling together. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it just doesn’t play nice in our dispenser. If you’re determined however, read in the next question about flipping over the roll.

Why do some rolls work perfectly but other rolls from the same pack aren't working as well?

Well, that could be a couple of things. Firstly, make sure you round out the roll if it’s squished. Take out the roll of paper towels and look at it from the side. If the cardboard roll is not as circular as it could be, try and round it out a bit. Doing that should greatly improve performance. If you are still having an issue, another tip would be to flip the roll over in the dispenser so that it distributes upside down (so to speak). Both the “overhand” and “underhand” method of installing the roll of paper towels work equally well.

Will I set off the dispenser just by walking by it or by opening a cabinet door?

Absolutely not. The sensor’s reach is just 2 to 3 inches and rapid movement doesn’t trigger it. You must place your hand close to the sensor itself to break its beam and trigger the dispenser. The sensor was designed to avoid accidental dispenses. If you do accidentally dispense a towel: don’t take it. The unit will retract it back into its clean and sanitary compartment for later use!

Why does the dispenser keep retracting even after it’s pulled back the paper towel?

This is the sign of dust blocking the lens of the internal sensor. This is an easy fix if it does happen (it’s actually quite rare). First unplug the dispenser (if it is plugged in). Then remove the dispenser from beneath the cabinet by sliding it left or right and dropping it down from its bracket. Place the dispenser top-down on a table in front of you. Open the door of the dispenser and look at the upper-half. You’ll see a tiny square hole leading to the sensor. Simply blow into the hole to remove any debris or dust. That’s it! Reattach the dispenser to its bracket beneath your cabinet and try it again. It should function just fine moving forward.