Undercabinet FAQ

Under the Cabinet Questions


Will the dispenser fit beneath my cabinet?

It should. The dispenser was designed to fit beneath the smallest standard cabinet available. If you have custom cabinets, or are still unsure, check the dimensions of the dispenser in our Support section or scroll down to the last question below.

How is the dispenser mounted?

Quite simply. If you can, please review our installation video in our Media section. The gist of the process is this: using the included template, you mount the dispenser’s bracket beneath your cabinet with the 8 included eighth-inch screws (the screws are tiny enough that they should not break through the base of your cabinet - but you should measure to make sure). Once the bracket is in place, align the dispenser’s 4 posts with the 4 holes in the bracket. Slide the dispenser left or right to center it. That’s it.

I have under cabinet lighting. How do I…?

Yes, under cabinet lighting can be an issue. Depending on the type of lighting you have, it may be possible to remove a strip of it and install a shorter strip, accommodating for the dispenser. Another option is to remove the strip lighting from beneath the cabinet under which you plan to install the dispenser and use the puck-shaped lighting instead. We’ve also had customers install thin-strip LED lights.

Why would I want to change the posts on top of the dispenser?

Good question. The different sizes of posts (the cylindrical pieces of plastic that are located on top of the dispenser) are included to lower the dispenser to accommodate for different sizes of fascia (the decorative paneling attached to the bottom of your cabinet). Not all cabinets have fascia board, but if yours does it could potentially block the sensor of the dispenser. Simply hold the dispenser up under the cabinet to see if the fascia will block the sensor. If it doesn’t, feel free to use any size posts you wish.

What are the L-shaped pieces of plastic included with the dispenser but aren't on your parts list?

Ah, those are locking keys that were a late addition to the parts included with the dispenser. The original use and intent of these keys were to keep the dispenser in place once you’ve installed it. Once the dispenser in place under your cabinet, open the dispenser and look inside at the very middle-top. There’s a hole there in which you insert one of the locking keys to “lock” the dispenser in place. The length of key is determined by the length of the posts you used for the installation. Use the smallest key if you didn’t change the factory-installed posts. Once the key is inserted, you will be unable to shift the dispenser left or right to drop it down from its bracket. We’ve determined that these are unnecessary pieces and you can safely install your dispenser without using them.

What are the dimensions of the Under the Cabinet unit?

The dimensions are as follows: 14.6 inches wide x 9.6 inches deep x 7.6 inches high. You can see a diagram of the dimensions in the Support section.